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Strategy Guide

Note: This game is also titled Rockman X5.

X’s Super Nova armor

At the character selection screen, highlight X, then press Up(2), Down(9). If you entered the code correctly, you will hear a sound. Then, press Circle. Note: You will start with Super Nova Armor from Megaman X4. Alternately, highlight X at the character selection screen, then press [Up(5), Down(2)] five times. If you entered the code correctly, you will hear a sound. Press X to continue.

X’s Fourth (Force) armor

At the character selection screen, highlight X, then press Up(2), Down(9), Up(2), Down(9). If you entered the code correctly, you will hear a sound. You will have the Fourth Armor, which is a mix of the Ultimate Armor and the Falcon Armor. Alternately, highlight X at the character selection screen, then press Up(2), Down(2), Up(2), Down(2), Up(2), Down(2), Up(2), Down(2), Up(2), Down. If you entered the code correctly, you will hear a sound. Press X to continue.

Megaman’s Ultimate armor

At the character selection screen, highlight Megaman, then press Up(2), Down(9). If you entered the code correctly, you will hear a sound. You will start the game with the Ultimate armor and always have it for use through the rest of the game.

Zero’s Black armor

At the character selection screen, highlight Zero, then press Down(2), Up(9). If you entered the code correctly, you will hear a sound. Then, press Circle. Note: Zero’s Black armor will reduce damage slightly as compared to his Red armor.

Zero’s Supreme Slash

Press Dash + Slash or Forward, Forward + Slash. Note: This is the best to finish some of the Bosses.

Zeros’s Slash combo

Press Square(2), Back, Square for a 4-hit combo which works on any Boss.

Zero’s Flip-Slash combo

Note: You must have most of the special moves you get from Bosses. First, use Zero’s Lightning Upper-Cut (Up, Square), then press Circle while in the air to become invincible and dash through the air. Then, use his Flame Sword (Down, Down, Square) and if you are not on the ground yet, use your Square in the air to make Zero Flip-Slash. This combo is highly effective on Bosses.

Zero’s unlimited Slash

Press Left or Right (depending on which way you are facing) + Square.

Zero’s Sabre Slash on Bosses

Usually you can do up to 3 or 4 hit combo on any Boss. However, the Final Slash will paralyze the Boss for awhile, which prevents you from slashing it during this time. To avoid this, hit the Boss with a 2 or 3 hit combo and do not use the Final Slash. It would be better if you used Zero’s Supreme Slash.

Alternate second half

If you let the colony collide with the Earth (let all the time run out), an intermission where Zero is infected with the Sigma virus and becomes a powerful Maverick will appear. For the rest of the game you cannot choose Zero and the dialogue changes for a few of the intermissions. Also, Zero fights more aggressively and uses different attacks when you fight him in the third Maverick level. To get this faster, launch the shuttle before you have collected all the parts for it. This will also display an intermission where Zero goes Maverick and gives you the ending where X’s memory of Zero is wiped clean. What you do with the Enigma does not matter.

Shortcut to Sigma’s final level, area 1

Start a new game then enable the armor code for either X or Zero. Play in the first level and defeat Sigma’s big head. At the level/Bosses selection screen, press L1 or R1 to enter the mode. Press L1 or R1 for armor selection. The ultimate armor will be in the armor selection. Press L1(2) or R1(2) for mode selection. To get to the Sigma’s final level, you must do the L1 or R1 pressing steps twice – press L1 or R1 twice, then select the “launch ship” mode. Once you enter this mode for the first time, the space ship will be launch. After the short intermission, the game will begin again at the level selection screen. Do the L1 or R1 pressing steps again and enter the launch ship mode. The space ship will launch for the second time. You can now play in the Sigma’s first final level. Note: Make sure to select the middle box and press Start.

Easy Zero levels

The following is an easy way to get through the first of the three Zero levels. At the first level where all the green lasers that can kill you instantly are, use Dark Hold. It stops the lasers and gives you time to get through everything.

Zero and Bosses

Do not use Zero in a level with a Boss. Zero always retires (dies) in the level.

Ultimate armor for X or Zero

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Go past all of the spike traps in the third Sigma level. You will reach what appears to be a pit. Slide down the right side of it until you fall into a room that contains a capsule. Step into the capsule to obtain the armor. When playing as X, you will have to intentionally die and restart the level to use it. Zero will automatically equip it.

Get to the third Sigma level as normal X or Zero. When you get to a hole after some spikes, slide down the right side of the wall until you go through it. Dr. Light will have a capsule with Zero’s black armor or the ultimate armor. After you get it, fall through the hole until the game ends. Go to level selection and use the opposite character.

Get all the armors for X and Zero

Start the game with X and make sure you have the Fourth Armor. After destroying the colony (make sure Zero does not become Maverick), go to the third Maverick level with either X or Zero. After getting the armor, die constantly and go to level selection screen when the game ends. Then, go to the level again, but with the other hunter. For example, if you went with Zero first, then go with X next or vice versa. Look at the left side of the level selection screen to find the Fourth Armor, Black Zero, Ultimate Armor, Gaea Armor (if you have it), and Falcon Armor (if you have it).

Use the following trick to eventually collect all armors possible (with sacrificing Z-Buster and regular Red Armor). Start as Megaman without enabling the “Ultimate Armor” code. You should already have the fourth armor. Then, collect the Gaea armor and Falcon armor as usualYou should now have the Fourth, Gaea, and Falcon armors. Work your way to the third Zero virus levels. It should have a red background. There is a location in the level with spikes on the top and bottom. There is a moving platform, and to the right of that is a narrow path with spikes on top and bottom to the right of that (on the regular path). Pass that section. Immediately after that should be a pit with a platform on the left wall of it that remains still. Slide down the right wall and you should eventually reach a part where there is a concealed room in the wall that you can see. The wall is hollow and you can slip through it. Inside will be a capsule. If you have unarmored X, then you should be able to get the Ultimate armor. You should now have the Fourth, Gaea, Falcon, and Ultimate armor. If you have Zero in that pit, you will get the Black armor. You will now have all possible armors: Fourth, Gaea, Falcon, Ultimate, and Black, also including regular X. It is recommended that you use Zero for the level. However, before picking him, go in the level with unarmored X and get his armor. Then, die and get Zero and his armor. It will appear on him immediately so you do not have to quit to get it, then go to fight X. Also, the Black armor is different from Megaman X4’s Black armor. It has an enhanced dashing ability with a purple boost. Also, an enhanced color of the armor actually powers up the body. It also powers up the Z-Saber to an almost invincible power that can destroy viruses without Virus Buster.

Falcon armor

Arms: In Izzy Glow’s area, after the spiral stairs, destroy the Plazma Cannon and get the arms once past.

Body: In Duff McWhalen’s area where the water drains, use G-Shaver and open the blocked Capsule.

Head: In Squid Adlers’s area, collect all the E. Spheres on the bike ride.

Legs: In Grizzly Slash’s area, after the train section in the caves there is a opening – use C-Sword.

Alternately, use the following directions:

Armor: Duff McWhalen;s area. It is easy to locate in the part where the water has drained. You will see a cracked wall and a small device behind it. Charge up McWhale’s power (assuming you have it) and try to destroy the little device.

Boots: Grizzly Slash’s area. After you get off the train, keep moving and you will see a hole in the roof. The boots are up there.

Helmet: Squid Adler’s area. Collect all the blue things at the jet bike part of the level to destroy the wall concealing the Helmet.

X-buster: Izzy Glow’s area. During the part with the strange things in the walls that shoot at you, there is a hole in the ceiling. Climb up and shoot at the wall thing at the top with the C-Shot. The armor is on the other side.

Gaea armor

Arms: Instead of going up the end vines, keep moving right and use double jump.

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Body: Just Before the third lift, use the Falcon armor to find the well hidden Capsule.

Head: Before Dark Dizzy’s chamber is a pit. Go in and use the F-Laser to blow it up from inside.

Legs: During the second rope climbing section there is a opening. Fly up with the Falcon armor and get the legs.

When you have the Gaea armor, it will not let you manually charge up. However, if you go into the options and select “Auto charge” and turn it on, it will charge up and you can use charge attack.

Ultimate armor

In Maverick Area 3, immediately before the end, is a platform over a pit. Fall, stay to the right, and go through the fake wall.

Armor comparisons

Falcon armor: Obtained by collecting the four capsules. Advantages: You can fly for a short time by jumping twice. While flying, you are invincible. Giga attack covers whole screen. Weapon energy is increased. Disadvantages: Cannot charge special weapons. Mega shot is very small. Defense is cut in half.

Force armor (Fourth armor): Obtained at the start of the game. Note: If you chose Zero, you will not get it. Advantages: Charged shots are more powerful. You can charge special weapons. You can hover in the air for a short time by jumping twice. Disadvantages: Not identical to Megaman X4’s version.

Gaea armor: Obtained by collecting the four capsules. Note: You cannot get this armor without getting the Falcon armor first, since you need it to reach the capsules. Advantages: Increased defense. Charged shot is very instant and powerful. Giga attack destroys all enemies in front of you. Spikes do not hurt you. You can stick to walls. You can walk on spikes. Disadvantages: Shots do not travel across the screen. No middle charge shot. Very slow. Cannot use special weapons. Fall faster. Regular shots are weak.

Ultimate armor: Obtained by getting the capsule in the third Zero level. Identical to Force armor, except you can use the Nova Strike by pressing R2.

Magma Dragoon Hadouken Fireball

At the end of the training mission, you will fight Magma Dragoon. While fighting him he will use the Hadouken ability, along with the voice from Megaman X, when you get that ability.

Enhance Zero’s power

To make Zero stronger, get the capsule in the third Zero level (where X’s Ultimate Armor is located.) Zero will become black. He can destroy viruses, take less damage, and inflict more damage. Note: This is not an armor. Zero will remain like this.

Best weapon

Use the Gala attack with the Ultimate Armor to have the best weapon that defeats most Bosses, including Sigma (both rounds). Keep using that attack, which is unlimited. Be careful with Sigma, as he keeps moving around.

Dash Jump

Use the following trick to reach a high ledge or jump to the next wall. Hold Dash and perform a jump to automatically do a Dash Jump. This is very helpful, as it also works on walls.

Rank PA

With Zero, first fight Dynamo after defeating Izzy Glow and some other Boss. Fight Dynamo with Zero using Izzy’s weapon until he dies. After that, you will move up to GA. The second time, fight Dynamo with four or more heart upgrades, and both E-Tanks and the W-tank full. If you fought in excellent time with about 19 or less damage, you should get the PA rank. The rules for keeping a PA rank are very difficult. If you die twice, or exceed six minutes of game play in the level you will lose it. As X, this can be very difficult at first. You must have all that Zero had and the Ultimate armor. X’s rank must be at GA before the event. This time, you will use Nova Strike (Giga Attack L2).

Save a life

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Once Zero becomes a Maverick, you unlock a new level. Enter the level and climb the wall to your left. Collect the helmet (extra life) located there. When you lose a life, you can get it again and you will have the same lives that you started with.


Start with Megaman and successfully complete the game with him. You will get an ending where Megaman has no memory of Zero.

Start with Zero and successfully complete the game with him. You will get the ending where both Megaman and Zero die.

Start with Zero and successfully complete the game with Megaman. You will get the ending where Megaman has Zero in his memory and holds Zero’s saber.

Raise your speed

Note: To do this trick you have to be at the third Maverick level. Drop down and go to the part where you face the green robot. Stay there and a group of white dots will appear. Face each of them. Keep doing this and your speed pushing buttons will increase. The best character to use is Zero.

Destroying the colony

To destroy the colony, get the it as close as possible with at least 3 parts – i.e. the lower the hours, the better the chance of destroying the colony with the Enigma. With Black Zero, destroy the mavericks in this order: Izzy Glow, Squid Alder, Duff McWallen, and Grisly Slash.

Virus advantages

When playing as X, if you get hit by the Sigma Viruses, you will lose health. However, when playing Zero, he will gain full health if this happens.

Megaman X2 battle

Keep Zero from going maverick and go to the third Sigma level with Megaman X. Successfully complete the level and you will fight Zero. Zero has almost the same exact pattern as he did when you fight him in Megaman X2.

Defeating Dark Dizzy

Shoot the F-Laser with X standing at the center of the screen. Guide it under him, then have it turn around and go the other way. If timed correctly, Dark Dizzy will move into the tail of the laser, but your laser will not be used up. You can do this either under him or beside him. Yolu will have to guess whether he will move up/down or to the side.

Defeating Izzy Glow

Izzy Glow’s weakness is the Tri-Thunder, but the C-Sword does more damage. It just does not paralyze him, so you can hit him again sooner. If you keep hitting him constantly, the battle will be over in less than 30 seconds.

Defeating Sigma

To defeat Sigma in the first round, start by jumping to the top left hand corner of the room. Keep jumping until Sigma starts dashing. Note: He cannot hit you when you are at the very top. When he gets close, quickly press Left + Square then keep jumping to the top of the wall. If done correctly, he should take damage. Repeat this until he starts creating shockwaves. Dodge them by jumping or ducking. Do the same as above, but be careful as he might hit you with his viruses. Note: This was done with a controller an auto-fire feature.

Defeating second Zero Virus level Boss

The Boss of the second of the Zero Virus levels (the big face from Megaman X) has three weaknesses. The red and green eyes are weak to C-Shot, the blue eye is weak to Ground Fire, and the nose is weak to Goo Shaver.

Recommended order to defeating the Bosses

  • Grizzly SlashDuff McwhalenSquid AdlerIzzy GlowDark DizzyThe SkiverMattrexAxle The Red

Boss weaknesses

  • Grizzly Slash: Spike Ball/Twin DreamDuff McWhalen: C-Shot/C-SwordSquid Adler: G-Shower/F-SplasherIzzy Glow: Tri-Thunder/E-BladeDark Dizzy: F-Lazer/C-FlasherThe Skiver: Dark HoldMattrex: Wing Spiral/W-ShredderAxle The Red: Ground Fire/Quake BlazerRock Monster: Tri-ThunderRobo Mask: X-Buster/Z-SaberZero or X: F-Lazer/C-FlasherSigma 1: Tri-Thunder/Electric UppercutSigma 2: X-Buster/Z-Saber

Doctor Wily’s logo

At the end of the game before you fight the big black goo Boss, a giant “W” will appear in the background.

Megaman X4 appearance

Start a training level with X or Zero. Get to the end of the level to find Magma Dragoon, a maverick from Megaman X4. Also, make it to Maverick Base level 3. Play this level as Zero to fight X, who will use moves from Megaman X4 such as Soul Body, Frost Tower, and Double Cyclone.

Game Shark Codes Infinite Lives300D1C45 0004Infinite Health8009A0FC 2020Infinite C-Shot8009A14A 0121Infinite C-Shot/Dark Hold (Xero)8009A14A 0120Infinite Dark Hold/CFlasher (Xero)8009A14C 0120Infinite Goo Shaver/Twin Dream (Xero)8009A14E 0120Infinite Ground Fire8009A150 0120Infinite Tri-Thunder8009A152 0120Infinite F-Laser8009A154 0120Infinite Spike Ball8009A156 0120Infinite Wing Spiral8009A158 0120Infinite Hours to Collision800D1CAE 0040Infinite Ammo All WeaponsD003F82C 18238003F832 2400Have All Weapons3009A169 00FFUltra Buster Shot8009A13C FFFFUnlock X-Buster300D4F56 0001Unlock Wing Spiral300D4F57 0001Unlock C-Shot300D4F58 0001Unlock Spike Ball300D4F59 0001Unlock Tri-Thunder300D4F5A 0001Unlock Dark Hold300D4F5B 0001Unlock F-Laser300D4F5C 0001Unlock Ground Fire300D4F5D 0001Unlock Goo Shaver300D4F5E 0001Unlock Giga Attack300D4F5F 0001Unlock Restore Life Gauge300D4F60 0001Unlock Life Gauge300D4F61 0001Unlock Restore Weapon Energy Gauge300D4F62 0001Unlock Exit A Level300D4F63 0001Unlock Return To The Game300D4F65 0001Unlock Change Button Configuration300D4F64 0001Unlock Change Screen Configuration300D4F66 0001Unlock EX Mode300D4F67 0001Walk on SpikesD0074634 72E880074634 5F90D0038B9C 001280038B9E 1000D0038BF0 001880038BF2 1000

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Mách bạn 9 cách chơi minecraft mượt hơn bạn nên biết hiện nay

Mách bạn 9 cách chơi minecraft mượt hơn bạn nên biết hiện nay

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Mách bạn 12 cách chơi cầu cơ không nên bỏ lỡ

Mách bạn 12 cách chơi cầu cơ không nên bỏ lỡ

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Mách bạn 10+ cách chơi lol trên điện thoại không nên bỏ lỡ

Mách bạn 10+ cách chơi lol trên điện thoại không nên bỏ lỡ

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Gợi ý 10+ cách chơi quyền vương 98 bạn không nên bỏ qua

Gợi ý 10+ cách chơi quyền vương 98 bạn không nên bỏ qua

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